LED Display Rentals

July 15, 2022

Latest company news about LED Display Rentals

LED Displays are without a doubt one of the hottest ideas to be incorporated in the world of business in the turn of the 21st century. Gaining a far more competitive edge when compared to its earlier version in the form of LCD displays, the incorporation of LED technology has catapulted into greater heights with the modernization of society and the rapid changes that are happening in the playing ground that is business.


From the rise of other variations such as LED sphere displays to the many different lighting technologies that also make up LED panels, there are many kinds of opportunities that present themselves in the LED display scene. And besides being an advertising tool, LED technology has also found its place in modern society as a lucrative business for anyone who has the budget to invest in their own inventory of LED displays.


One of the most profitable businesses that can be utilized in the modern age is a renting business. LED displays will always be used as a main tool in catching the attention of the public with varying purposes and reasons to boot. In fact, LED displays can also be used to promote events and other similarly related activities.

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With the continuing demand of LED displays in current times, it is also a fact that there is a growing supply to match the trends. And this is where the LED Display Rental business enters the conversation.


The growing popularity of LED displays can be primarily credited to the capability of the panels to catch the attention of people instantly and effectively. Along with the noticeability of the content displayed in the said LED displays, the costs of maintaining and regulating the content in LED screens is far more efficient and cost-effective than traditional means.


This uptrend for LED screens has contributed to the rise of businesses who want to enter the market by providing their own LED screens which people and companies can rent out for whatever use they might have for the technology. Whether it is for commercial purposes or more personal purposes such as sending out a congratulatory message or even something as casual as a marriage proposal, the possibilities are literally endless and LED display renters are definitely hopping in the growing trend.


Of course, one of the advantages of renting out LED displays is that one does not have to go to through the laborious process of not only buying an LED screen — which will definitely be not cheap — but also sourcing the right connections to install the screen at a particular area and design or produce the content that the LED displays will feature in the first place. And the hassle does not stop there at all, additionally, people who are looking to manually buy their own LED displays will also have to go through the disassembling process once the LED displays have fulfilled their purpose.

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Fortunately enough, these steps can be easily skipped with the emergence of LED display rental businesses that are virtually easy to find and connect with depending on one’s location or asking price. It is almost a giveaway that you should go for renting out an LED display instead of going through the hassle and expenses of doing everything on your own.


Of course the same cannot be said for businesses who have their own staff to accommodate their needs when it comes to managing LED displays. However, for the everyday person, the main recommendation is renting out an LED display which sometimes offers additional perks that can work to one’s advantage in the long run.


There are many things that one can also consider when it comes to choosing the right LED display rental service. Jumping right into it, the first thing to consider is the pricing rates. Most LED rental services would charge for their services on a daily basis.


In most cases, the first day of using the LED displays would be the most expensive, and the price will gradually go down as the days pass by. The common denominator to look out for is a 20% cut from the price of the first day with each additional day that is added onto the package deal. Sometimes, these package rates may already include an installation team which will take charge of setting up your rented LED display in whatever location you deem fit.


In terms of dollar rates, a typical LED wall which is measured at around 10 to 12 feet across can cost someone an estimated $3,000 to $5,000 for the first day of use. However, since this is a rough estimate, the best strategy that can be employed is to measure the rented LED panel per square feet and then charge it accordingly by around $40 to $70.


Besides the actual price of the LED screen, there are more choices when it comes to renting out a panel. First, there are many different types that all serve different functions. Aside from the LED panels that have a difference in color vibrancy and brightness depending on the location — whether it is indoor or outdoor, there are also different types namely mobile and modular LED displays.


Mobile LED displays are delivered to a client fully assembled by the rental service and can be propped up on a given location in an instant. On the other hand, modular LED displays are delivered via individual panels. Since the panels are shipped out by piece, the installation time takes longer and there are additional incurred costs due to the team hired in order to assemble the LED display once it arrives in the desired location.

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Other factors that determine the rate of LED display rental services include the quality of the panels that will be used. The factors which determine the quality in this case include the pixel pitch or the distance between two pixels which ultimately decides the picture quality, brightness, resolution, aspect ratio, and the IP rating or the LED display’s toughness and resistance against outside elements such as rainfall and strong winds.