GOB (Glue-on-board) – a worthy investment?

July 27, 2023

Latest company news about GOB (Glue-on-board) – a worthy investment?

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In today's dynamic world, captivating visual displays are crucial for businesses to engage and leave a lasting impression on their audience. Among the array of advanced LED technologies available, GOB (Glue on Board) LED display technology has emerged as a game-changer. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating realm of GOB LED display technology and its myriad benefits for businesses seeking to create impactful visual experiences. So, let's illuminate the path to superior display solutions!

Understanding GOB LED Display Technology:

GOB LED display technology revolutionises the way visual content is presented. Unlike traditional LED displays, where individual LED chips are mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB), GOB technology directly applies a layer of epoxy resin encapsulation over the LED chips. This unique approach eliminates the need for a separate PCB, resulting in a sleek and seamless LED display module that is smooth to the touch and has many benefits.

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Seamless Visual Experience:

The absence of gaps between individual LED chips is one of the standout features of GOB LED display technology. With the elimination of bezels or dark lines, GOB displays deliver an uninterrupted and immersive visual experience. Whether it's a large-scale display or a smaller digital signage solution, GOB technology ensures that your content is presented with incredible clarity and uniformity. GOB also helps improve off-angle viewing as the smooth display surface prevents "clipping" or obstruction of the light from neighbouring pixels.

Enhanced Pixel Durability:

In high footfall areas or environments prone to accidental impacts, traditional LED displays are susceptible to damage, resulting in pixel malfunction or complete failure. However, GOB LED display technology addresses this concern with its improved pixel durability. The epoxy resin encapsulation provides an extra layer of protection, safeguarding the LED chips from external forces. This makes GOB displays highly resilient, minimising the risk of pixel damage and ensuring consistent performance even in demanding environments. With GOB technology, you can confidently install displays in busy public spaces, retail settings, transportation hubs, and other areas where durability is paramount.


Efficient Heat Dissipation and Energy Consumption:

Heat dissipation is a crucial aspect of LED display performance and longevity. GOB LED displays exhibit superior heat dissipation capabilities due to the larger surface area of the resin layer compared to traditional PCB-mounted LED chips. This efficient heat management not only helps in maintaining optimal operating temperatures but also contributes to reducing energy consumption. By minimising the heat generated and dissipating it effectively, GOB displays require less energy for cooling purposes, resulting in energy savings and lower operational costs. This makes GOB LED technology an environmentally friendly choice while meeting the increasing demands for energy efficiency in today's world.

Superb Colour Uniformity:

Colour accuracy and vibrancy play a vital role in captivating the audience. GOB LED technology is renowned for its exceptional colour reproduction capabilities, offering a wide colour gamut and high contrast ratios. A key reason for this is due to GOB’s heat dissipation properties resulting in a display that has better uniformity and fewer hot spots. Whether you're showcasing intricate graphics, vivid videos, or captivating advertisements, GOB displays faithfully bring your content to life, with colours that pop and captivate the eye.

Versatility and Flexibility:

GOB LED displays are incredibly versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Mainly due to their increased robustness, GOB modules can now be used on the floor and allow for audiences to walk across the LED surface, carefree!

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With its seamless integration, improved durability, superb image quality, vibrant colours, and versatility, GOB (Glue on Board) LED display technology represents a significant leap forward in the large format display space. Businesses across various industries can leverage this cutting-edge technology to captivate their audience, enhance brand presence, and create immersive visual experiences that leave a lasting impact, with peace of mind that your pixels will endure for years to come.