How to Buy Good Quality Outdoor LED Display?

May 19, 2022

Latest company news about How to Buy Good Quality Outdoor LED Display?

Outdoor advertising LED display is a very common type of LED display screen. It not only has flexible installation
size, but also has a great improvement in weight compared with traditional products, and its color is clearer and
fuller, allowing everyone to see more beautiful and vivid video and images. So what should you pay attention to if
want to buy high quality outdoor LED display?

1. LED display flatness
In order to ensure that the displayed image will not be distorted, the surface flatness of the outdoor LED display
must be kept within +1mm. If this requirement is not met, and the local unevenness will cause the outdoor LED
display to play video when the viewing angle has a dead angle problem. Therefore, flatness is
an important factor in judging a high quality outdoor LED display.

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2. White balance
When the ratio of red, green and blue is 1:4 .6:0.16, the screen will display the purest white. Therefore, if the
display produced by the outdoor LED display manufacturer has a slight deviation in the ratio of the three primary
colors, it will lead to white balance deviated, which affects the display quality of the outdoor LED display.

3. Brightness
Generally speaking, the brightness of outdoor LED display should be above 4000cd/m2 to ensure clear image or
video, otherwise it will be difficult for audience to see the displayed image content due to insufficient brightness.
Therefore, if you want to buy an outdoor LED display with a good display effect, you must know the quality of the
LED lamp and their brightness parameters. Kingvisionled outdoor advertising LED display and outdoor events LED
display brightness is at least 5000cd/m2, and we can also offer 8000cd/m2 DIP LED display to meet customers
special requirement.

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4. Waterproof grade
If it is used in outdoor scenes without any cover, the waterproof level of outdoor LED display needs to reach IP65
on the front and IP54 on the back to ensure that the LED display can be used for a long time in rainy and snowy
days. Kingvisionled outdoor waterproof fixed LED cabinet and MG die-cast magnesium LED cabinet can be used
outdoors for a long time. If it is used in a place with a cover above or for outdoor events, the requirements for the
waterproof level are not so high. Die-cast aluminum LED cabinet can meet the requirements. Kingvisionled RA, RE,
RG, PRO series rental LED display can be used.

The above four aspects are important points that you can refer to when purchasing outdoor LED screens. When
buying outdoor LED screen, everyone hopes to have a good display effect and use it for a long time, so it is
necessary to buy from the flatness, brightness, white balance, waterproof level of the display, etc., so as to
ensure it show the best performance.

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