Why should you use led display cabinet lighting rental?

February 1, 2022

Why should you use led display cabinet lighting rental?

Today, the need to use led display cabinet lighting equipment is becoming more and more popular for the purpose of organizing events, indoor or outdoor stages. By helping customers save a reasonable budget without having to make costly investments as well as manage maintenance and repair. Let’s find out about the LED screen to see what’s outstanding.

The role of the led screen in the event

LED screens with a variety of sizes as well as models and types are often applied in events held outdoors or indoors. It is a new generation electronic technology product. So there are many advantages to help customers attending the event to keep track of the entire program, whether sitting at a distance or near, they can see it very clearly.

Besides, the LED screen is also very easy to install quickly and conveniently in moving to the installation location. Therefore, this is the first choice for today’s event organizers. In addition, the product also helps to increase the scale of the event to become grandiose and professional, so more and more people trust to choose led display cabinet lighting.

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Advantages of led display cabinet lighting

The LED screen light has many outstanding advantages, by not only providing personnel for the event but also renting equipment at extremely reasonable costs. Here always update the most modern products on the market today with generations P3, P4, P8, P9, and P10 with high image sharpness.

This helps create an event with a lively space, true to every hair, bringing professionalism in your organization. LED screen is extremely diverse in models and sizes to suit the needs of customers.

In addition, there is a team of well-trained professional personnel on duty throughout the course of the event. The delivery of equipment is quick, at the right time, with the right model as required.

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Why should you use led display cabinet lighting rental?

LED screen owns the latest equipment imported from leading brands in the electronics industry around the world. Besides, there is also a team of technicians who are well-trained, enthusiastic and attentive to customers.

Here you will receive utilities in construction and installation to help ensure the handover schedule and handle errors quickly. Led display cabinet lighting is ready to bring beautiful picture quality and designs to suit your needs. With many years in the profession, we promise to bring customers the most attentive professionalism today.

Types of Led screens for rent

Saigon Sound and Light currently rents LED screens with full sizes and types at the request of customers. Detail:

Outdoor Led Screen

These are screens that are extremely resistant to water, wind, rain, dust and external impacts compared to indoor devices. Besides, the product also comes with high-brightness LED bulbs, so it gives users a realistic and sharp image so that guests can see clearly no matter where they stand. Some prominent screen types at Saigon sound and light are such as:

  1. P3
  2. P4
  3. P5
  4. P6
  5. P8

The led display cabinet lighting comes of extremely sturdy stainless steel frame materials, the outside comes of plexiglass and the inside is LED with very little energy consumption and very low chance of failure. Normally, this device has a very large area with integrated technology to resist moisture, water, and hot temperatures.

led display cabinet lighting rental

Outdoor LED display works on the principle of rotation. We calculate by the total playing time per day with the unit of spot equivalent to 30 seconds/spot.

Efficiency of LED screens

Previously, LED screens were only common for solemn events, but nowadays, using LED screen for advertising has become extremely popular. The visual and sound effects of this device are very good.

However, the outdoor led display cabinet lighting advertising model usually only has images and no sound because it can affect residential areas. In which, the highlights of this LED screen rental service are as follows:

It is more durable than traditional methods. They usually after a period of outdoor use, the canvas will fade and tear due to the weather.