Where we can use led display cabinet lighting?

February 10, 2022

Where we can use led display cabinet lighting?

LED screens are often common in many theaters, cinemas, stages, halls, large halls in buildings and advertising events.
Outdoor LED screens usually have a pixel pitch of 4-10mm. This makes it possible for anyone to read formats such as video, mp4, avi, swf, VCD, DVD, Powerpoint, etc.
Led display cabinet lighting has a higher luminous intensity, so they can still be seen by outdoor applications in bright sunny conditions. This is thanks to modules designed to be waterproof, moisture-proof, plate-proof and capable of displaying up to 4.4 billion colors.

LED screen gives vivid, colorful, high-definition images. It is easy to attract the attention of viewers. This helps businesses promote products and services to consumers in the maximum way. In particular, the device has a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours of lighting in all weather conditions and saves energy.
Advantages of LED screens
LED screens help businesses quickly reach customers. Thanks to its good performance and outstanding benefits, it is not difficult to see the growing development of LED screen rental services.

The LED screen has the ability to illuminate continuously for 100,000 hours with stable operation.
With good resistance to rain and sunshine, and the module has a layer of water-resistant silicone so it can work in all weather.
With the module size customized according to the needs of customers, thanks to being connected in series to form a large block array. Therefore, the screen can be large or small depending on the user’s requirements.

The cost of using LED screen rental service is extremely reasonable to meet the majority of customers today.

Outdoor LED display with optimal pixel pitch and visibility from 4-10mm. Along with that, the super bright LEDs help bring deep, clear and realistic viewing angles. Therefore, the rental LED screens is increasingly developing as well as preferable to use.