August 14, 2019


The popularity of out-of-home advertising is still on the rise, thanks to creative new uses and digital integration. Out-of-home marketing saw significant growth in 2019, which caused more brands to realize its benefits and take advantage of the situation.

It’s important to know that out-of-home marketing is the only successful strategy that stands toe-to-toe with digital marketing. At the same time, all other advertising efforts seem to be facing a downfall.

Since digital out-of-home advertising signage is becoming increasingly popular, make sure to implement it within your marketing efforts. When you feel ready to explore and launch your first digital OOH ads campaign, contact Kingvisionled LED now ! we will offer all in one solution for your reference.

It is widely used in advertising, sports, industrial enterprise, transportation, stations, terminals, airports, construction, education system and other public places.It characterized by perfect vivid image, super brightness, high refresh rate, long life span and stable work, and waterproof, etc.

(1) Super light design ensure the cabinet easy to be installed and disassembled.
(2) High brightness meet the needs of various application environments.
(3) Energy saveing design and good performance in color uniformity.
(4) Superb workmanship to ensure every processing details.
(5) Environmental raw material (LED chips, mask, glue, and steel cabinets).
(6) Large viewing angle Horizontal:110 °(W), Vertical: 55°(H).