60inch high brightness P3 outdoor street light pole led display screen for smart city advertising

February 22, 2022

60inch high brightness P3 outdoor street light pole led display screen for smart city advertising

Nowadays, the application of smart pole LED display has become more and more extensive. It is infiltrating into all fields of modern cities, gradually forming an environment conducive to the development of information construction and injecting vitality into the display market segment. As an important display equipment in a modern urban system, it has closely grasped the trend of the times and connected new technologies. Through the combination of practical application and high technology, it will be improved the efficiency and level of the entire pole LED display industry, and its development is likely to bring a new revolution in innovative technology to the traditional industry.


For pole LED display, it has the advantages of energy-saving and greenness. It has developed rapidly in the fast-growing social demand. As a product of the new smart era, it integrates many smart elements and can meet the current smart needs from functions to applications, and meanwhile has become the main development trend of smart cities in the future. With characteristics like unique creativity, high-definition multi-angle vision and wide-range interaction, it gradually expands its radiation range from first- and second-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to third- and fourth-tier cities. There is no doubt that the smart pole LED display has become one of the most effective ways to spread information. Especially the changes of various new technologies andnew ideas bring more possibilities!

Kingvisionled cooperates with Novastar to provide smart light pole screen solutions: Pole LED screen + T3 + 4G + Lora mode + Light sensor + Vnnox cloud platform.


What will be achieved:

1.Synchronic playback
Lora’s time synchronization module realizes synchronous playback of multi-screen at millisecond level. Each screen has the same playback image, ensuring that wonderful images and information are not missed.

2.Intelligent management and control
Light sensor automatically perceives changes in environmental brightness and automatically adjusts the brightness of LED screen. With Vnnox, you can upload your contents remotely and control the screen, realizing screen cluster management.

3.TB Taraus series controller box is compatible with other cloud platform and third-party sofrware

4.Ambient temperature monitoring
Upgraded plan: with multi-function card and monitoring card, it will broadcast various weather monitoring data in real-time.

SmartPole LED Display in Kingvisionled:
1.Self-adjustmentfunction: cutomatically adjusts screen brightness to achieve excellent visualeffect.
2.Intelligentcontrol: use wifi, 4G and other wireless signals to realize intelligentmanagement.
3.Controlsystem: control by computer, mobile phone, ipad or other devices.
4.Highwaterproof and dustproof level
5.Uniquecabinet design: the screen consists of only one cabinet, ultra-thin design,lightweight body, beautiful and generous, front and rear maintenance available.