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The advantages of outdoor full color LED display

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The advantages of outdoor full color LED display
Latest company news about The advantages of outdoor full color LED display

What are the advantages of full color outdoor LED display?

1. Strong visual impact

Large-sized, dynamic, integrated audio-visual LED advertising can motivate the audience's senses in an all-round way, effectively convey information to guide consumption

2. Wide coverage

Outdoor LED displays are generally installed in areas where people are concentrated, such as shopping malls. Through high-frequency communication with user groups, it stimulates consumers' strong desire to buy and improves brand awareness

3. Long play period

Outdoor LED advertising display screen can be played 24 hours 7 days. It is easier to see, attracting potential customers, and enable the merchant to achieve better publicity with less cost.

4. Low audience dislike rate

Outdoor advertising LED display screen can broadcast programs to more audiences in a real and timely manner through live broadcast technology. Including special topics, columns, variety shows, animations, radio dramas, TV series, etc. Rich content avoid the contact obstacles caused by the conscious and active avoidance of advertising audiences.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection

The power of a single LED is very low, generally 0.04 ~ 0.08W, the power is several times lower, but the effect is much better. The LED display is made of environmentally friendly materials and is recyclable. It will not cause pollution and damage to the environment.

6. Operation is simple and convenient

LED display screen is connected to a computer through a data cable connection or wireless communication, and set up in the computer to upload advertising programs, convenient and quickly.

Other advantages:

1. Short response time. Adapt to frequent switching and high frequency operation.

2. Long service life. LEDs life can reach 100,000 hours.

3. High safety. It adopts low-voltage DC power supply voltage, and the normal working voltage is 5v.

4. Stable performance: The scrap rate of normal use is very small within ten years; no maintenance for normal use for about five years.


The above is the advantages of outdoor LED display. It is believed that with the continuous breakthrough of LED display technology, outdoor LED displays will develop with more and more intelligence, environmental protection and energy saving.

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